The Next Best Thing – Finding True Love

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So, I’m reading this romance novel and the entire time I have a smirk on my face, thinking to myself, I know what the author is trying to do but it’s not working. I’m not wishing to be the female lead character. Nope. I’m not wishing to have that guy. All I want is my guy. Which reminds me of that catchy Motown tune sassily sung by Mary Wells entitled, “My guy”. She sings with a palpable certainty in her voice from the very first lyric, “Nothing you could say can tear me away from my guy, nothing you can do ‘cause I’m stuck like glue to my guy…” Oh to have a love like that is what we all desire but do you ever find yourself imagining what it would be like to be with someone else? Do you ever catch yourself checking out the cute cashier or the guy assisting you at the Apple store, especially when your boyfriend is standing right next to you? What does it take to say, hey I’ve got a good man right here who loves me and as Mary puts it, “No handsome face could ever take the place of my guy.”?

I understand the constant prowl during the dating process and the seemingly never-ending search for the next best thing. However, in trying to keep your options open, there’s a possibility that you might miss out on finding true love. Would you even recognize true love if it came your way? Or is your hunting habit prohibiting you from seeing it? If you happen to meet someone great, would you even be able to kick the habit? Some say that fantasizing about someone else could potentially lead to infidelity. It’s believed, that if you entertain the thought, it’s bound to happen. So how do you kick the habit? I would suggest to change your approach and focus on the guy in front of you. By focusing on one individual, you can recognize all their good and not-so-good qualities and decide from there. Try to keep in mind that nobody’s perfect. We are all perfectly imperfect people trying to find love. Continuously trying to look for the next best thing will always have you on the prowl and all the while forfeiting the discovery of true love. As for me, I’m going to put down the romance novels that admittedly fill my head with sometimes nonsensical and superficial expectations of love, and simply enjoy the relationship with my guy.

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