Marchaan’s Top 5 Favorite Movie Kisses

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Romance is key to having a successful relationship. There’s no better way to show your affection, so pucker up. A kiss can be passionate, soft, subtle, quick, or long. My favorite kisses are the ones that move you. Here are my top 5 favorite movie kisses.

5. Pride & Prejudice

When Mr. Darcy confessed his ardent love to Elizabeth, the sincerity in his eyes and the sensitivity in his voice was undeniably breathtaking.

Pride & Prejudice

4. The Bodyguard

One of the best romance movies of the 90′s included the strong and silent bodyguard, Frank Farmer, and the mega superstar singer, Rachel Marron. With the backdrop of intense action-packed scenes, this thrilling movie had you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end.  The long awaited lip lock at the very end of the movie was well worth the wait.

bodyguard 1

3. Ghost

Sam’s love for Molly went beyond death. Indeed this love was supernatural.


2. Spiderman

Who could forget when Spider Man and Mary Jane put a twist on this never before seen upside down kiss? Every girl wanted to try it.


1. Titanic

This epic film captivated and devastated us at the same time. The passionate yet torrential love between Jack and Rose told the familiar story of forbidden love. There wasn’t a dry eye in the theater.


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