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Finding the right person to marry is hard enough but becoming the person someone wants to marry is an entirely different matter in itself. Just because you look good and can party like a rock star doesn’t mean you’re the woman every guy wants to marry. In this article, Marchaan shares her thoughts on what marriage material is made from by first learning to love yourself. - Lester

Wait! Stop right there! Before you write a long list of all the qualities you demand in a future husband, look at the qualities you need to develop within yourself in order to present the best version of yourself to your future husband. Many times we are objective in what we want in a man, but often times we neglect to self-reflect. This is not an article on how to impress a man with all your accomplishments or molding yourself into the perfect Barbie doll. In fact, this article predates the relationship phase going far beyond “how-to-get-the-man”. It starts with you. It’s about you recognizing and developing great qualities in yourself. It’s about you becoming the woman you were born to be. Then you can present yourself to your future husband as a complete package but before you do that, you have to embrace yourself.

Being single isn’t a curse. It’s an opportunity to improve yourself. And this takes time so allow yourself time. How can you be in a relationship when you’re still technically “under construction”?  Learn how to be single. Explore, live and learn on your own. Treat yourself to a nice dinner. Have fun! Be nice to yourself. How do you expect someone to like you, when you don’t even like yourself? Who are you? You’re a woman, you’re beautiful, you’re witty, you’re the funny girl, you’re thoughtful, you’re creative, you’re the girl interested in science or anime or whatever. Just discover who you are. It shouldn’t be such a foreign concept for someone to organize their personal life before jumping into a relationship. Believe me, learn to love yourself and you’ll recognize this is truly the fabric from which marriage material is made.



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