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Today, there are tons of dating sites and apps available for nearly every type of person including Dating For Hippies for those ‘peace, love, dope and all-of-that’ kind of people, JDate targeting primarily Jewish singles, Christian Mingle for the good, church-going folk in search of divine love and Cupidtino for the like-minded computer geeks whom both most likely work for tech startups in San Francisco.

Though there are literally thousands of online options to find your match, this article highlights our top 5 favorite dating sites and explains why they’re good and who they’re good for.


Coming in at number five is Based on sheer traffic alone, Match is by far the most popular dating site on the internet averaging just over 35 million hits per month as of March 2014 and boasts over 21 million paid subscribers. Launching in 1995, it is also a pioneer of online dating and one of the oldest dating sites online today. Despite its unattractive, yet somewhat user-friendly interface, it’s an excellent site to find a good, quality match. Its user base is primarily older men and women with 62% of  members ranging from 35-50 years old making it the go-to site for singles in this age group. The downside may be that Match is one of, if not the most expensive dating sites to join with monthly memberships starting at approxtimately $37 and going as low as $18 with a minimum six month commitment. However, there may be something to be said for singles willing to pay this kind of membership fee opposed to those who are seeking free sites exclusively.


In my opinion, Plenty of Fish has one of the most interesting online community of singles out of all the most popular dating sites.  As of March 2014, they rank at number 2 under with approxtimately 23 million visitors per month but out ranks them with over 70 million registered users. The design of both their website and mobile app are notoriously the most unattractive, non user-friendly and unreliable in the industry. However, all the main features of the site are free with only a few less desirable features being paid options. POF, as it’s known to its members attracts all kinds of people from all different walks of life. It wouldn’t be uncommon in Manhattan for a college educated, male stock broker born and raised in the Hampton’s to find himself attracted to a high school graduate, retail worker from Jamaica Queens or Bensonhurst Brooklyn. That’s what’s kind of cool about this site – it brings people together that may not meet in their usual social circles.


Launching in 2010, howaboutwe… is one of the newest players in online dating. The Brooklyn based company is run and founded by two school teachers who felt the dating industry didn’t push people to meet offline and share experiences to build their relationships. On howaboutwe… users post and view date ideas to break the ice and get conversation started. For example, one could post “how about we… hike to the highest peak of Runyon Canyon and have a picnic lunch with champagne and olives.” (I just made that one up myself) Those interested in the date idea can then contact the person and meet up. Unlike traditional dating sites, on howaboutwe… the focus is placed on the date idea and experience itself rather than endlessly browsing user profiles and anxiously awaiting replies. It encourages people to get off the computer and meet in person. Obviously, there’s something to be said about that and it discourages hours of worthless messaging about things that when in person may not matter because you discover you’re just not that into them in one way or the other. As of November 2013, howaboutwe… has more than 1.7 million members whom have posted over 2.5 million date ideas. It’s free to join with premium membership rates starting at $8/month – definitely worth checking out.

2. OKCupid

Unlike Howaboutwe… OkCupid relies on mathmatical algorithms to connect you with potential matches. By answering obscure questions such as “Which is worse: starving children or abused animals?” or “What do you think when you hear the word “cell”?” the site matches you with people who answer questions similarly or complementary. Personally, I don’t believe in algorithms picking the best match for people but in my opinion, OKCupid offers one of the nicest designs and seems to round up some of the most attractive and educated members. Plus – it’s free. Unless of course you want to browse users profiles without them knowing or search by attractiveness or body type. If so, join their A-List subscription service starting at $9.95 per month with a six month commitment.

1. Tinder

Coming in at #1 is our favorite dating site/app – Tinder. Tinder is a free, location-based dating app that is simple, elegant and attractive. Users sign up using Facebook Connect which does two things – 1. creates a profile quickly and effortlessly and 2. ensures the integrity of its members while displaying all friends and interests in common. Pretty cool. No spending hours uploading photos, writing bios, answering questions etc. Just log in and immediately begin flipping through users pictures. Simply swipe right to anonymously “like” them or left if uninterested. If the person you liked, liked you too, you’re matched and you can start messaging. If a person you liked never liked you back, they’ll never know you and life continues on as usual – no waiting around for replies or hurt feelings. The downside is that because the app primarily matches people based on looks and location alone, it’s getting a bit of a reputation as the go-to app for hooking up. In my experience however, with a little filtering and good communication Tinder is a great tool for finding whatever it is you may be looking for. Download it for iOS and Android here.

As with all dating and social networking sites, you should use good judgement and get to know someone before meeting in person or sharing too much personal information about yourself. It’s a good practice to exchange numbers and have a phone conversation first or if you’re feeling brave, jump on Skype or FaceTime – it could save you both a lot of time and money as well as a handful of dreadful, awkward moments.

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