What Is Love? Recognizing True Love

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Below is a list of love quotes written by yours truly. They are what I believe to be sure signs you have found true love. If you haven’t experienced at least a few of these things chances are you haven’t yet found it and that’s okay, you will. Just be sure not to settle for anything less. You don’t want to miss this one.

  • Look and listen closely to people’s hearts. That’s the only thing that reveals the truth. Not people’s looks. Not people’s words. Only their hearts speaks the truth. Sometimes, people say hurtful things to the people their heart truly loves. Other times people say nice things only to win the heart of someone else and then stomp on it because they’re not happy with themselves. In either case, just be sure to listen to people’s hearts. It will protect you and save you time and heartache.
  • Love comes out of nowhere and hits you hard where you least expect it.
  • Love is when you can’t think straight about all the small things you have to do because all you can focus on is pleasing the one you’re with.
  • Love is feeling upset (not annoyed) when the other is hurt.
  • Love is a pain deep in your stomach when the other is not around.
  • Love is working your hardest just so you can provide for the one you love most in the ways that you want.
  • Love is when you feel you would do anything for the person even though you know there are some things that would be impossible — and that concerns you.
  • Love is when you don’t feel stupid when you’re acting silly.
  • Love is thinking of someone else before yourself.
  • Love is when you promise to never hurt the other and truly mean it.
  • Love is when you’re willing to do anything to protect the one you’re with.
  • Love is when you stop looking at other people and wondering if they would be a good match for you.
  • Love is when you look at a person and realize they’re everything you’ve ever wanted but never imagined could be true.
  • Love is when you push your body harder than it can go just to make the other person happy.
  • Love is making the things that you say you’ll do first priority and following through.
  • Love makes every day feel like christmas and every night like new years eve.
  • Love is when you hold someone in your arms and feel 100% content.
  • Love is when you start to question your sanity.
  • Love is knowing what the other person wants and wanting desperately to give it to them.
  • Love is listening to the same person every day and always finding yourself truly interested in what they’re saying.
  • Love is knowing what you have is so rare and never wanting to loose it.
  • When you’re in love, there’s no place you rather be.

List to develop as my love does.

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